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Thank you for visiting my website. Let me show you around...

Music - My website started as a way to showcase my original music
and has grown to a lot more. It is always about the Music, always has
been always will be. You can find out more by visiting my Music page.

Books - On this page you'll find the links and descriptions of my
novels. Here you'll find more information on Under a Thunder Moon
and other works of fiction.

Critter Tale Books -  These are my Children's Books. There are six
so far, and information about my newest book Are there Monsters in
My Closet? can be found there, along with my "Silly Series" of joke
& coloring books.

Events & Contact - Here you can find out about where jack will be
performing. You can catch him pickin' & singing or reading one of his
books, this is where you'll find more information about that, and how
to contact Jack.
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