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   Are there Monsters in My Closet? I received this story roughly
nine years ago. It was around the time when my little sister Cheryl
was about to give birth to her third Critter, Calvin. I remember
sitting on my couch and thinking about all the wild and zany stories
and pranks I used to tell her when we were growing up. I thought
how her older Critters Brinna and Melody would probably do the
same sort of things to their younger brother. This story was
inspired by that idea.

   It wasn’t an easy road to get Are there Monsters in My Closet?
together.  Starting in the year 2004, there were many starts,
stops, and attempts to get this book illustrated. Although I was
discouraged at times I never gave up on this story, and that it
would one day be a book that millions of little critters would love
to read over and over again.

   It was late January in 2013 when I went to meet Illustrator
Charles Berton at The Artist Pad in Smithtown. I brought my story
with the pages broken down with rough sketched ideas and showed
them to Charles. He liked the story and agreed to take on the
project. Over the next five months Charles worked on Are there
Monsters in My Closet?

   On May 25, 2013 all the waiting had come to an end. All of
Charles’ hard work could now be seen. Nine years after the story
was written Are there Monsters in My Closet? is now published.
Wahoo! It’s now ready for you!

   I dedicated Are there Monsters in My Closet? to my Nieces
Brinna and Melody, and my Nephew Calvin for two reasons. One was
because they were the inspiration for this book. The other reason
is to remind them that if they have a dream or a goal to do
something, whatever it is, never give up. Keep going for it!
    Thank you to Charles Berton for helping me bring
this story to life with your awesome illustrations. It is
greatly appreciated.
Some back story on the story:
Calvin’s imagination runs wild when he is startled awake
by strange noises. Now alone in the darkness of his
bedroom he must figure out if these  thumps, rattles,
and bumps could be the very thing that his sisters
warned him about. The question Calvin has to answer…
Are there Monsters in My Closet?
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