Critter Tale
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"Are there Monsters in My Closet?"
Calvin wants know what is making that strange noise in
his closet. Is it Monsters?
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Silly Cow! Is the joke book that started the now Silly Series with a joke that I
received while at work. They use something called a MOO number. One day I saw a
MOO number that included DOO. The whole beginning of the number was
MOODOO. Right there was the punch line to the question that would create a
book. That question was… What kind of Witch-craft do Cows practice? MOO DOO
was the answer!

After that joke the others just flowed to me. I was having fun with all these Cow
inspired Moo jokes, but I had no idea what to do with them. I thought maybe I
could make a children’s book out of these jokes. I had called my friend Kevin
Stockton and told him about this idea. I knew that he had done some drawings and
asked him if he would want to try to illustrate a few of the Cow jokes. He agreed,
but wasn’t sure if he would be good at the coloring part of the illustrations.

As our phone call ended I gave that last part some thought and wondered how we
could work around it. I thought kids like to color, why not let them color the
illustrations? Yes!
Silly Cow! Will be a joke and coloring book! I immediately called
Kevin back with this new idea. I excitedly told him about letting the kids coloring
the illustrations instead of him.

Then as I was telling Kevin about that I received another idea f
or the book. I told
Kevin right away too. The book can also have Fun Facts about Cows! We were both
excited about this new Children’s book idea that could appeal to many age groups
with funny jokes, great illustrations to color, and was also educational with facts
about Cows.

On December 10, 2009
Silly Cow! was published. Inspired by the interest in this
book we thought of other ideas, which lead to the September 22, 2010 publication
Silly Halloween! These jokes were inspired by our favorite holiday, a spooky
interest in monsters
, and free candy! We also added to this joke and coloring book,
aside from Halloween fun facts a word search and Monster Match Up.

Silly Kitty! The third joke and coloring book was published on October 27, 2011.
I had found myself in the company of Cats around the time
Silly Kitty! was created
and I suppose they inspired me with their meows, hisses, and scratching at
, which lead to the creation of these Cat jokes. I am also a fan of the
Garfield comic strip, but I am very allergic to Cats and Dogs.

Silly Puppy! The fourth joke and coloring book was published on April 1, 2015. What
an awesome day for this Doggone Funny book to be published! This book has all the
cool things the others do, but its all about man's best friend!

We have
four Silly Joke books so far. Keep checking back here at
for information about the next book in the series. I believe there is a Silly Ducky!
Coming soon!
The Silly Joke Book Series
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